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Before starting the online order process, you have some planning to do. First, select the right photos: the photos should be big and clear enough to see the facial features of the person. Second, decide how each person should be positioned on the paper: we can combine people from different photos into one portrait. We can also transform a black & white photo into a colour portrait. We can even make simple modification to the person’s hair style and outfit. What we cannot do is to change the expression and the pose of the person.

To place an order, first select the portrait preferences from the form on the right. Please note: if you have more than 5 people to put into the portrait, we recommend size 18” x 24”, because for size 12”x18”, each person’s face will be too small. If you want a full body portrait, we also recommend size 18”x 24” for the same reason.

A black & white charcoal portrait turn around time is approximate 2-3 days (after payment confirmation to the day of shipping), a colour pastel portrait turn around time is approximate 3-5 days. Shipping time can vary depend on your location and shipping method.

For 12” x 18” portraits, we also sell matching mattes for better protection and easy framing. The mattes are made of high quality cardboards and a piece of clear plastic film on top. The matte size is 16”x 20”, which is a common size for frames you can buy from retail stores. Currently we do not have matching matte for 18”x 24” portraits, but they will be shipped with adequate protection as well.

After you get a price quote, please click the "Continue" button to proceed. If you changed your portrait preference, please do a re-quote before continue.

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