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Professional Portrait Artist : Da Rong Dong (top left)

After graduated from China Fine Art Academy in 1966, Da Rong Dong worked as an art editor for a major Chinese newspaper - Zhejiang Daily. As a professional artist, his artworks have been displayed on numerous national and international exhibitions. In 1983, He attended Pratt Institute in New York City to study print making and held his first solo exhibition in 1987. Since early 1980's, Da Rong became a professional portrait artist. He travelled to many parts of the world and portrayed tens of thousands of people around the globe. His extraordinary ability of capturing light and shadow casted on the object made his portrait super realistic and dead-on accurate.

Professional Portrait Artist : Wen Lin (middle right)

Wen met her husband Da Rong while she was studing graphic design at China Fine Art Academy in early 1960s. After graduated from university, she worked as a graphic designer specialized in textile designing. She had won number of prizes in National Art competitions. After migrated to Toronto in 1989, she started her career as a professional portrait artist. She traveled with Da Rong to many cities around the world to do portraits. Because her graphic design background, she is able to capture the hidden beauty of ordinary people and creatively express it on the drawing paper.

Professional Portrait Artist : Yi Liang Dong (bottom left)

Yi never had any formal fine art trainings. But growing up in an artistic family, he picked up the talent from Da Rong and Wen. Yi started his portrait artist career at the age of 16. He did portraits at Yong and Dundas Square in downtown Toronto for many years, and also displayed his talent at French Quarter in New Orleans for 3 years. After graduated from University of Waterloo, he is now working as a software developer and freelance web designer. Portraiture now becomes his lifelong hobby. Yi's unique style lies in his sharp eyes and the ability to capture the inner spirit of his objects. Yi also designed and developed this site.
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